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5 Reasons Water Isn't Draining Fast in Your Shower

A slow-draining shower is a common problem that many homeowners and apartment owners face. The water will take forever to drain, leaving you standing in inches of water, which is not only frustrating but also unhygienic. You may be tempted to unclog the drain yourself, but sometimes, the problem is much more complex than you might realize. In this blog post, you'll take a look at five possible reasons why water isn't draining fast in your shower and how you can solve the problem.

Hair Clogs

One of the most common reasons for a slow-draining shower is hair clogs. As hair accumulates in the drain, it starts to bind with other things, such as soap, which can lead to a blockage that will slow down the water's flow. You can try removing the hair with a drain snake or drain cleaning product.

Soap Accumulation

Another common reason for a slow-draining shower is soap buildup. When soap scum accumulates in the drain pipes, it can cause an obstruction that slows down the water flow. To clear the blockage, you can try using a mixed solution of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda to break down the soap scum.

Damaged Pipes

Older or faulty pipes can cause water to drain slowly or become clogged. Sometimes, tree roots can also grow into the pipes, causing blockages that can inhibit water flow. If your pipes are damaged, it's best to contact your local plumber for an inspection of the pipes and repair work if needed.

Mineral and Hard Water Buildup

If your area has hard water, your shower may experience slow water draining over time. The minerals in hard water can produce scale buildup, which can cause blockages, leading to slow draining or, eventually, a blockage. You can install water softeners that will remove the minerals from the water to prevent the minerals from clogging the drain.

Incorrect Shower Drain Installation

Sometimes, installing the wrong type of shower drain can be the cause of slow draining. If your drain is too small or doesn't slope towards the larger pipe, it may cause a hydraulic jump that slows down the drain. To fix this issue, contact a professional plumber to re-install the shower drain.

A slow-draining shower can be a frustrating problem to deal with because it can affect your daily routine. By understanding the common causes of slow-draining showers and how to fix them, you can resolve the issue and get back to your daily routine. If you experience a slow-draining shower, contact your local plumbing company for assistance and ask them to help you identify the cause and fix the issue.

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