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4 Important Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor During Roof Replacement Projects

Hiring a roofing contractor is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Before signing any agreements, it's essential to ask your contractor the right questions to ensure you're making a great choice for your townhome. However, with so much to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start. From safety protocols to project timelines, you want to understand these processes from your contractor. Here are four important questions to ask your roofing contractor during townhome roofing replacement projects: 

Will the Roof Use a Metal Edge Drip?

Not every type of roof can use a metal edge drip due to certain building codes, regulations, and roofing features such as sloped roofs. Asking this question can help you understand if your contractor is considering all safety regulations and the function of the roof when selecting materials. If the contractor decides it's right to use the metal edge drip, it can help protect against water infiltration at the edges of your roof and give it a modern, finished look. However, it can add cost to the project as the metal drip is more expensive than other types of edging.

How Many Nails Per Shingle Will You Use?

Knowing the number of nails per shingle is important in ensuring your roof can remain secure and tight against the wind and rain. Ask your contractor about their policy on the number of nails to ensure your roof can remain in good shape for years. Understanding accurate numbers can also help in budgeting, as certain types of nails can be more expensive than others.

Will I Need New Flashing or Use the Existing Ones?

If you're replacing an existing roof, it's important to ask your contractor if you'll need new flashing or use the old ones. Flashing can help protect against water infiltration in certain areas, so it's important to use reliable materials to meet the existing roof's needs. Your contractor can honestly assess the current flashing and let you know if new materials need to be installed.

How Is Waste Disposed Of?

Understanding how waste is disposed of can ensure you reduce the accumulation of the materials around your project. Ask your contractor if they follow specific protocols for disposing of certain items and materials. Knowing these facts can ensure you comply with local regulations while also helping reduce environmental impact.

Whether you're replacing an aging roof or starting from scratch, your roofing contractor plays a key role in the success of your project. Asking the right questions can help you make ideal decisions before and after the project that can help you save time, money, and effort. Contact a local roofing contractor for more info.