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Why Spray Foam Insulation Works Great For Crawlspace Floors

Do you notice cool air seeping in through the floor of your crawlspace? Especially when homes are built at-grade, the crawlspaces can become a key area of heat loss. Of course, you can insulate your crawlspace to reduce this heat loss. Some people use standard fiberglass batts or foam panels to do this, but there is a better option: spray foam. When applied by professionals, spray foam insulation is as good as you can get for a crawlspace floor. Here's why.

It won't absorb moisture

Crawlspaces are not exactly known for being dry. Even if yours is well constructed and is usually dry, there may be some small leaks during a storm. Or, the area might wick moisture up from the ground. Therefore, you really want insulation that does not absorb moisture. Spray foam fits the bill. It's not a soft foam like you see in cushions or mattresses. Rather, it is a dense, closed-cell foam that sheds moisture and stays dry. If water comes into your crawlspace, fiberglass insulation just absorbs it. Spray foam does not.

It won't harbor insects

The fact that crawlspaces are dark and sometimes moist makes them an attractive area for pests like cockroaches, earwigs, and ants. These insects can burrow into fiberglass and cotton insulation, using them as nesting material. They can't and won't use spray foam in this way. That is not to say you will never see insects on a crawlspace that is insulated with spray foam. You might. However, the spray foam won't do anything to make the insect problem worse or more prevalent.

It won't get moldy

Mold does not like to grow on spray foam. Mold really needs a porous, moist surface to grow, and spray foam does not trap moisture in a way that is favorable for mold. Spray foam also tends to plug little holes on surfaces that you spray it onto. That can help keep moisture and mold from infiltrating those little holes. It's a lot easier to take steps to prevent mold growth than to get rid of mold once it is present, and installing spray foam can be one of those preventative steps.

If you want to insulate the floor of your crawlspace, doing it with professionally installed spray foam is a wise idea. Talk to your local insulation contractor to learn more about this material, or to get a quote for treating your crawlspace. 

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