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What's A Better Investment: A Deck Or A Patio?

For homeowners who want to create an outdoor space where they can relax or entertain family and friends, the two main options are usually patios or decks. Patios and decks can both be excellent additions to your home but you typically get to choose one or the other.

Patios are paved areas that sit on the ground. They can be detached or attached to the main building. Decks, on the other hand, are roofless platforms extending from the house and they can be different distances from the ground. With all these possibilities to deal with, which option will be a better investment for you?

Installation Cost

The cost of installing a deck is significantly higher than the cost of putting in a patio. The actual cost will vary depending on the materials used for the construction. However, you can typically expect a deck to cost more than a comparable patio. However, there is still the question of what you get in return.

Resale Value

As much as decks cost more to install, they can give you a very good return on your investment. In fact, the ROI on decks is higher than that of many indoor modifications.

Decks add a lot to your house in terms of curb appeal. A properly installed deck will catch the eye of many potential buyers. Additionally, decks provide a much better view compared to patios. This is because decks can be raised off the ground. All this contributes to a better retail value.

Maintenance costs

If you're planning on reaping maximum benefits on your investments, you'll to ensure that your deck is properly maintained. This is yet another area where patios fare much better. The maintenance needs of a deck, particularly one made of wood, will be noticeably higher. This will mean paying even more in the long run.

Installation Challenges

There are certain challenges that can make the installation of decks and patios more expensive. In the case of patios, the ground must be leveled and the base also needs to be properly prepared to limit the formation of unsightly cracks. You may need a permit before your deck installation can start but this is more of an inconvenience.

Which is the Better Investment?

In standard market conditions, decks will add more value to your home. Being able to put the deck higher up also means you can enjoy a great view, making entertaining a fun experience.

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