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Should You Keep Items That Have Been Damaged By A Flood?

Salvaging items after a flood can be a slow and tedious process and the results may not be satisfactory. Water can be an incredibly destructive force in your home, and certain items are unlikely to survive prolonged exposure to it.

Once you've removed water from your home following a flood, the next step will be deciding what you should keep and what you need to throw away. The main problem you'll be trying to avoid is throwing away something that can still be salvaged and keeping items that are beyond help.

Can the Items Be Restored?

This is one of the most important questions you should be asking yourself when you're deciding whether to keep or throw something away after a flood. The effects of water damage are not always permanent. In fact, some items can go back to looking good as new if they are taken to a water damage restoration expert.

However, there are others that will never be the same again after being exposed to water. If you can figure out the difference between the two, you can easily decide what to keep and what to throw away.

Is it Worth it to Keep Certain Items?

Just because something can be salvaged after a flood doesn't mean that it's worth the effort. Damage restoration can cost a lot of money. To ensure that you're getting maximum returns on your money, you should only save items that are worth saving. At the end of the day, it may cost more to restore certain items than it would to replace them.

Is it Safe to Keep the Item?

Water damage can also make certain items unsafe. Water can damage the internal structure of some items or lead to the growth of mold. The water may have also exposed the item in question to other dangerous substances, making it toxic to plants or animals. Some items are not safe to have around you depending on the kind of damage they suffered and the other substances that were in the water they were exposed to.

What Do the Experts Say?

Ultimately, when you're deciding whether to keep a damaged item or get rid of it, you should seek the opinion of an expert first. If the item in question is one you'd rather keep, it's important to consult a water damage restoration expert to find out if there's still hope of saving it.