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How A Construction Manager Helps With Project Design

Many project managers and project owners wait until construction is about to start before hiring a manager to oversee the construction. However, as many experts can point out, hiring someone to take on this role after the design process is complete can be a major mistake.

Although many people don't realize it, a construction manager can make many valuable contributions during the project design stage. Many projects go through the design phase with certain errors simply because there wasn't somebody involved who actually understood how the construction process goes.

Avoiding Unrealistic Project Designs

Construction has changed radically over the course of the past century. Some of the building designs that architects are coming up with would have been unthinkable a few decades ago. However, if you use this to guide your project design decisions, you could be setting yourself up for an insurmountable challenge.

Even if the design itself is sound, a project can become unrealistic based on other factors including weather patterns, location, distances, soil quality, etc. Someone with construction experience, for example, can quickly let you know that certain projects are unrealistic since the conditions at the site would never be safe for the workers.

Setting Correct Timelines

An important part of the project design process is setting timelines whether it's for the completion of the project or for certain milestones in the project. Some timelines set during the project design phase may be too optimistic and you could be setting yourself up for penalties since you may never be able to deliver the project on time.

Someone with construction experience can ensure that the timelines set during the project design phase are realistic and factor in the possible delays that might be experienced during the construction process.

Proper Cost Analysis

Imagine making certain cutbacks during the project design phase or leaving out a feature that you may have really wanted only for the final project to end up being way below the budget. An even worse scenario is for the project to end up going well above the budget because you didn't factor in certain costs.

A person who is familiar with construction can be a vital part of the project design process since they can inform you of costs you never would have imagined. Even miscellaneous can turn out to be quite significant in certain situations, e.g. if the weather pattern suddenly changes and damages material due to lack of proper storage facilities on-site. For more information, reach out to commercial construction contractor services in your area.