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3 Ways To Keep Drains Clear With Kids

Children bring life and energy to a household, but unfortunately, they can also bring messes and serious plumbing problems—especially if they are curious about drains. Oftentimes, little ones put things down drains or make mistakes that can contribute to problems, causing a variety of different issues. Here are three ways to keep drains clear with children in the house. 

1. Use Drain Covers. Always keep drain stoppers in place to make it more difficult for kids to drop things down sink or tub basins. Additionally, use hair stoppers in the bottoms of tubs and showers to catch hair that may move towards drains during routine baths and showers. 

Make sure that drain covers are secured in place so that they can't be removed or misplaced during normal use. Look for covers specifically designed to be childproof, and explain to children that they help the sinks and basins in your house to drain properly. 

2. Don't Purchase Small Toys. Marbles and small children's toys might be fun for kids to play with, but in addition to being potential choking hazards, they can also clog a drain in an instant. Try to avoid purchasing any toy that is composed of small parts, and watch out for toys that come apart easily, such as those found in fast food children's meals. 

If a small toy becomes lodged in a drain, remember that physical removal is recommended over chemical removal, since many drain cleaners won't dissolve plastic or metal objects. Instead, focus on removing small objects with the help of a wet-dry vacuum or a plastic drain cleaner snake designed to whisk away stuck objects.  

3. Invest In Professional Maintenance. Keeping the wrong things out of drains is important to prevent problems, but routine plumbing maintenance is essential if you really care about helping your drains to work properly. Plumbers can not only clean out drains that have become clogged but also evaluate the structure of existing plumbing lines, making changes to facilitate better draining in the future. For instance, if you have a drain line that has unnecessary joinery, a plumber could correct this problem to prevent clogs. Have your plumbing lines inspected and maintained regularly to keep your home functional and sanitary. 

Remember, while drain clogs can be frustrating, working with a plumber is easy. In addition to being able to quickly and efficiently diagnose your plumbing problems, plumbers can also evaluate the cause of the clog and help you to decide how to implement changes to prevent future issues. Call a plumbing service today for more information.