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Bring Extra Light Into Your Master Bath With Several Improvements

Having a master bath may have been a priority when you bought your home. Even if the bathroom was not in the greatest condition or lacked a feature or two, you may have been content with just getting a master bath knowing that you could remodel it in the future.

If you have determined that one of the things the bathroom is lacking is light, you should hire a bathroom remodeling company to improve the lighting in numerous ways.


The first feature that you may want to look at is the windows. For instance, you may have a large window or two in the bathroom, but it may be in an area without a lot of direct sunlight. This can prevent your bathroom from getting much light throughout the day. One option is to add a new window on one of the walls that will provide you with a lot of natural lighting all day long.

Another possibility is that your bathroom windows are too small to bring in much light. You can have remodelers expand the windows and pick a window type that maximizes natural lighting.


When light enters the bathroom through the windows, having mirrors will help to reflect the light and make the room look brighter. This is an excellent strategy to improve the lighting. The windows in front of your bathroom vanity may not be that large; this option provides you with an easy project to undertake in replacing the mirror with one that covers a much larger surface area.


While you may like to rely on natural light when possible, you will not be able to do this throughout the entire day and night. This means that you do not want to pass up on adding light fixtures or improving your existing ones. For instance, you may have a ceiling light fixture that holds one or two bulbs. Switching it for one that holds three or four bulbs can increase lighting.

Some other viable options include installing a chandelier or adding recessed lighting.


Although the shower is not directly related to lighting, the shower door can play a major role in how much lighting gets into the bathroom. For instance, picking a frosted shower door will block some of the light passing through. Getting a clear and frameless shower door is an easy way to maximize how much light passes through to illuminate the bathroom and shower area.

Working on these projects will help you to better enjoy the light in your master bathroom.