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Have A Gutter System? Minimize Maintenance By Adding Gutter Guards

Owning a home with a gutter system is a huge relief because it protects your foundation from water damage. But, this does not mean that maintaining a gutter system is easy. Depending on the surrounding landscape, you may have all sorts of debris that clogs up the gutter system.

If you want to minimize how much time and effort you must invest into gutter upkeep, you should consider hiring professionals to handle the installation of gutter guards for the whole system.


In the past, you may have noticed squirrels climbing up or jumping from a nearby tree to get to your gutter system. This can cause problems because the squirrels may try to store food inside. While attempting to store food, they may also push the debris inside to make a huge pile. Enough debris could create a clog and cause water to overflow.

A gutter guard will work to prevent squirrels from being able to access the inside of the gutters. This will prevent them from storing food or pushing around the debris to make nests within.


Another way to benefit from gutter guards is not having to worry about leaf buildup. If you have a heavily slanted roof, you may notice that leaves end up falling off the roof when it gets windy. But, if your roof is somewhat flat and you do not get much wind around the property, you may need to put extra effort into moving the leaves to prevent blockage on top of the gutter guards.

This is preferable to blockage on the inside because all you need to do is brush the leaf piles on the top. You can wait for a sunny day so that the leaves are mostly dry when you handle this task.


If you have a lot of birds that come around your landscape, you may notice that they want to use your gutter system as a place to make a nest. Having to relocate their nest or not noticing the nest in the first place can lead to complications when heavy rainfall comes.

The nest may not survive the rainfall or the gutter may be blocked up to the point that water starts flowing over. Gutter guards will make it difficult for birds to set up a nest near the gutters.

Getting help to install gutter guards will ensure proper installation and positive results. Contact companies like Ultimate Guttering to learn more about your options.