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3 Important Tips When Maintaining Water Softener Systems

A water softener system is an incredible device to have in your home. It essentially leads to cleaner silverware, softer skin, and fewer damage to major appliances. In order for these systems to work properly throughout the year, though, they need to be maintained in the following ways. 

Use the Right Salt

There are many types of salt you can choose today for your water softener system. It's important to choose the right type so that your system works as efficiently as possible. Perhaps one of the most common varieties today is granular salt. It's readily available and dissolves rather easily. Make sure you choose granular salt in the form of pellets, as to prevent your tank from clogging.

If you don't mind paying a little extra, evaporated salt is a great option. It often dissolves the quickest because of its fine design. On the opposite spectrum, one of the most affordable salts you can buy for your system is rock salt. Note that it does require you to clean your tank more often. 

Create a Cleaning Schedule 

The great thing about modern water softener systems is that a lot of them don't have to be cleaned for years. It's important to create a cleaning schedule, however, so that you don't forget to clean at the appropriate times. Check with your softener's manual to see what it recommends for a cleaning schedule.

Once you're finally ready to clean, be sure to dump all the contaminants out of the tank and scrub the inside with soapy, warm water. You should then clean the inside with bleach to properly disinfect the entire area. Keep scrubbing for several minutes, and then rinse the tank again with warm water.

Remove Traces of Iron 

If you find iron in your water, it's important to act fast because otherwise, it will damage the resin bed responsible for removing hard particles from your water. To restore your bed back to its original condition, all you have to do is flush the system with a specialized resign bed cleaner.

Send this solution through the tank to remove any traces of iron build-up. Make sure you put the softener in regeneration mode to cycle out the contaminated water in the system.

Water softener systems can benefit everyone in the household in so many ways. In order for them to work correctly and for a long time, you need to develop a consistent maintenance schedule.