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How To Prevent And Fix Foundation Cracks

Concrete foundations are going to crack over time, and there is not really much you can do about it. That is, your concrete is going to pick up tiny pressure cracks that usually don't have an impact on the structural integrity of the slab. These cracks are usually so small that they cannot be filled or patched at first. Even if you wanted to, you would not be able to squeeze the patch substance into the tiny crack. Of course, concrete cracks can get bigger, and they almost always will. So, if you have cracks that are over 1/8" wide, you will need to fill them. This article explains how to fill small cracks, but also a few helpful things that could stop cracks from growing in the first place.

Preventing Cracks with Glaze

Of course, homeowners want to, if possible, prevent cracks from forming at all. While it is hard to fight against Mother Nature (i.e., shifting soil and growing tree roots), you can help to prevent some small cracks from forming at all by glazing your concrete. A concrete glaze is usually clear or tinted. It has a glossy finish that helps to protect against water damage. Tinted glazes are going to help hide cracks and prevent them from cracking in the first place. Importantly, they are also going to protect the top surface of the concrete and prevent it from chipping due to impact.

How to Fill Small Cracks

If you do have a crack that is wide enough to be filled (anything over 1/8"), you should do this before applying any glaze or tint. Crack filler is cheap and very easy to work with. It usually comes in small caulk tubes, which enable you to squeeze it deep into the cracked area. You can then use a plastic putty knife or similar scraper to flatten the top and remove the excess patch. If you don't have these tools, you can even use a plastic credit card. A concrete glaze is going to help your patched concrete areas blend in better with your existing concrete. It also prevents fading and staining, so it will make your concrete look better for longer.

Having concrete crack patch on hand, and knowing how to use it is smart. It is all about fixing cracks while they are still small. Once they are over 1" or 2" wide, it is going to be much harder to patch them. Contact a company like Dura Lift Foundation Solutions for more information and assistance.